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What are the features?

  • Fire Rated

    1. Fire rating of this board is upto 3 hours on a 15mm thickness & 2 hours on a12mm thick- ness board of standard size 1220 x 2440mmImages

    2. All boards comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials International) E84/UL723/ULCS102

    3. Tested to BS (British Standard) 476 Part 4 (Non-Combustible)

    4. Tested to BS 476 part 7 (Class 1) & EN – ISO 1716, 1182 (Class A1)

    5. Tested to BS 476 Part 22 (Fire rating)

    6. The boards are resistant to ignition and prevent the spread of fire. In the event of a fire, they will not produce any toxic gas or smoke.



  • Moisture Rated

    Images Ecomag is an excellent choice for humid areas, as it is highly resistant to air moisture, expan- sion and contraction and formation of mold and fungus. They also provide excellent thermal insulation in both hot and cold weather. In addition, boards have been tested 30 freezing cycles without any permanent damage or distortion.






  • Water Rated

    ImagesWhen the board comes into contact with the water Ecomag does not alter its physical or mechanical properties and remains stable, other board material such as gypsum board, ply- wood, melamine or OSB sheets are irreparably altered when in contact with water it has been tested through over 30 submersion / drying cycles always returning to original state of equilibrium, with zero detriment to physical attributes on performance





  • High Strength

    ImagesEcomag board is a non-combustible class A building material with compressive strength of 3000PSI (Pound per square inch) equivalent to 20 MPa, it has impact resistance and can act as a structural diaphragm to walls, floor and roofs.







  • Termite Resistant

    ImagesEcomag board is extremely resistant to moulds, mildew, bacteria, fungus, termites, rodents and other organisms. This eradicates any symptoms or allergies associated with damp or mildew.







  • Acoustic Rated

    ImagesEcomag boards provide superior acoustic insulation, the average rate of noise reduction between the frequencies of 100 Hz to 8000 Hz is 38dB for a 12mm thickness panel. To achieve higher sound insulation it’s recommended to use 12mm thickness panel on both side of partition wall with Fiber-Glass wool and EPS insulation.






  • Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous

    ImagesEcomag boards do not contain either asbestos or formaldehyde, products hazardous to human health. The boards are hygienically exceptional (without odor) and biologically safe.







  • 100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly

    ImagesThe Ecomag board is made from all natural & organic materials such as Magnesium Oxide which is found in abundance in the earth’s crust. Ecomag boards are a 100% recyclable product. The boards can be recycled by crushing and processing into new boards.