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What are Ecomag advantages?

  • Non-combustible Class A Building Material with compressive strength of 3000PSI(20 MPa).
  • Breathable and porous for strong coating and adhesive bond.
  • Ideal for all Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional construction.
  • Perfect for adding fireproofing to wood, masonry or steel frame construction and elsewhere.
  • Excellent acoustic dampening material with higher density and elasticity over alternative material.
  • Refractory material for infrared radiation (heat) assisting to reduce loss of energy when heating or cooling by reducing conductivity.
  • Non-hazardous, natural, non-toxic and disposable as crushable clean fill.
  • Environmentally friendly and produced without excessive waste of fossil fuel, and emits very less amount of CO2 into the atmosphere at the time of production.
  • Stronger and more rigid allowing thinner boards to perform equivalent function of alternative products.
  • Fire resistant, it has a “zero” flame spread and smoked developed rating.
  • Impervious to water. When submerged completely in water for extended periods of time, Ecomag board experience no dimensional changes whatsoever.
  • Saves on labor and material costs and therefore also save on the overall time of projects.
  • Mineral based product, therefore reduce allergies and will be conducive to cleaner homes, schools, hospitals, offices and industries.
  • Manufacturing formula consisting of some of the ingredients found in everyday minerals.
  • Stable product, when subjected to temperature change it does not expand or contract.
  • Easy-to-install product.
  • Free of carcigens and contains no silica.
  • Ecomag boards are 100% recyclable.