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About Us


Ecomag comes under Khalifa Al Fahad Contracting Company which is an Emirates building Construction Company and has been active in residential, commercial and industrial construction plus properties development since 1980.

We are a UAE based company situated in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. We lie at the entryway to the rapid urban and economic growth of the Gulf region; with easy access to all major sea ports, airports and road networks Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern sought after and well planned city for industrial growth.

This essential position has lead to the major retail chains locating central distribution centers right in this area for convenient distribution to their many outlets throughout the region. We aim to expand throughout Middle East and international market. Our regional distributions are already in operation.

Corporate Vision:

The use of state of the art materials and processes to improve performance and lower costs in the construction industry.

The history of Ecomag dates back almost 4 years out of an ongoing search by the company’s qualified researchers, engineers and scientist’s, to find an improved sheathing material for structural insulated panel systems (SIPS). It was clear that wood based products like OSB or plywood easily succumbed to fire, rot and mold. Cement products were brittle, non-structural, unhealthy and hard to work with. Exotic materials like fiberglass or other composites were not cost effective or required too much change for subcontractors to easily adopt.

Hence our team came out with an excellent Eco-friendly solution that is ECOMAG Boards.